Nov. 8, 2018

Ep. 83 Pleasure is Your Birthright

Ep. 83 Pleasure is Your Birthright

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Sasha Zeilig is a Sexual Empowerment, Intimacy, and Play Coach. She is a Facilitator of workshops and retreats. She is a host of live Game Shows.

Her passion for living her fullest, most creative, happy life completely true to herself, has led her on a journey of self-acceptance and magical manifestation.

Sasha holds a BFA in theatre from Cornish College of the Arts. She has practiced yoga, movement, dance, creative writing, music and art for more than 20 years. She has studied Gestalt, Drama, and Dance therapies. She is a certified facilitator in JourneyDance™ and has taught hoop dance in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and California. She has written, directed, produced and acted in myriad theatrical and video productions.

Sasha is a playful free-spirit and deep old-soul. She is creative and artistic in multiple genres. She is a body-intuitive and touch-healer. Her gifts include psychic-connection, astral-travel, energy-work, intuition, past-life-recognition, emotional-space-holding, and unconditional-love.

Sasha is passionate about Oneness and loves to help people plug back into nature and their own inner and outer cosmos.

Her desire for equality, justice and respect for all people and all life of our Mother Earth inspires Sasha daily to practice what she preaches, set an example for others, and be the change she wishes to see in the world. She plays through the work of self-growth with mindfulness and courage.

This led Sasha to start her current company, Come Play, creating Interactive Events for Adults, Families, Friends, and Coworkers which focus on honest connection, community and team building. Activities center around empathy, understanding, sharing, and creating a group experience.

Over the past 5 years, Sasha has developed Come Play Honesty & Bravery -- a Live Truth or Dare-Game-Show, an online game, and soon to be a box-set for retail. In this game, players laugh, reveal themselves, and bond through playful, envelope-pushing challenges.

She also organizes a women’s empowerment retreat every January in California called the Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering. And most recently, in 2018, she will start the Purple Circle, a co-ed full moon group for men and women to talk about sex.

Through her events, teaching, and private coaching, Sasha had helped men, women, teens, and children take the journey of self-discovery to self-actualization and ultimately lead the life they desire.

It is her honor and delight to guide her clients to their highest good and mirror their magical gifts.


  • The meaning of consent
  • What elements make up Pleasure
  • Rape & rape culture

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