Nov. 21, 2017

Harnessing Desire - HNS064

Harnessing Desire - HNS064

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  • Access Consciousness
  • Rumi on Desire
  • Russell Brand's 12-step Program
    • Are you fucked?
    • Could you not be fucked?
    • Are you, on your own, going to "unfuck" yourself?
    • Write down all the things that are fucking you up or have ever fucked you up and don’t lie, or leave anything out.
    • Honestly tell someone trustworthy about how fucked you are.
    • Well that’s revealed a lot of fucked up patterns. Do you want to stop it? Seriously?
    • Are you willing to live in a new way that’s not all about you and your previous, fucked up stuff? You have to.
    • Prepare to apologize to everyone for everything affected by your being so fucked up.
    • Now apologize. Unless that would make things worse.
    • Watch out for fucked up thinking and behaviour and be honest when it happens.
    • Stay connected to your new perspective.
    • Look at life less selfishly, be nice to everyone, help people if you can.
  • Bruce Lipton on Molecules
  • Candace B. Pert, Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine
  • The Tools of Access Consciousness

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