Oct. 30, 2017

Ronnie Landis: Transformational Upgrades - HNS061

Ronnie Landis: Transformational Upgrades - HNS061

Passages to Freedom



“It is my core belief that built into each of our hearts is the solution to each of our obstacles in life. I have spent my life scouring the libraries and endless landscapes of knowledges searching for the solution that seemed to always elude me. I am still seeking, most likely I always will be but along my journey I have uncovered some profound insights and strategies that I belief can be used to empower virtually anyone that puts them into practice.

From the age of four years old I was introduced to martial arts. My very first memories of life were actually observing the movements and charisma of my first role model, Bruce Lee. I do not have a sense of my life before this and because of this the philosophy of Eastern Mysticism, and Spirituality feel as familiar to me as the sun penetrating my naked skin does now.” ~ Ronnie Landis


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